Cigar of the Month Clubs Make Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

Another year has gone by, making it time to decide what to buy for the man who seems to have everything he wants or needs. Many people decide to give Dad cigars, but they’re not sure exactly what Dad will like. Should I buy him an Arturo Fuente Opus X? How about a Cohiba? What about those magnificent Romeo y Julietas, Senor? Sure, any of those would be welcome gifts – but none would be the best option. You see, over the years we’ve learned a little something about Dads. They prefer the gifts that keep on giving, so do what all good children do for their cigar loving Fathers. Find a Cigar of the Month Club and treat Dad to monthly installments of leisure and relaxation ¦ prescribed just by you.

Dads get recognized one day out of the year: Father’s Day. The rest of the year they’re providing for their family by working tirelessly and usually without praise. They “fix this” and “handle that” and do many things behind the scenes, sometimes without even telling us. For all the big and little things, we’re eternally grateful. But like many of you, I often forget to give Dad a simple “Thanks.” That changed last year when my sister and I gave Dad a full year membership in the Cigar of the Month Club. Now he gets a monthly reminder of our love and appreciation. We couldn’t have picked a better gift.

Every month Dad calls us to tell us about his latest package of fresh, hand-rolled, premium cigars from around the world. He likes to enjoy just one cigar a week, usually on Saturday nights behind the house on his freshly manicured lawn. He says it’s his favorite night of the week. As a result his neighbor joined the same cigar club, and now they spend Saturday nights together enjoying a new cigar while talking for hours about football and boxing and everything in between.

The club even sends him a monthly newsletter with all kinds of interesting information. Dad’s been discovering his favorite cigar brands and he claims to have developed a finer appreciation for the fine art of cigar smoking. We’re just thrilled that he knows we appreciate him.

I happily recommend the Cigar of the Month Club featured at Their cigars are excellent. And unlike other clubs that require a three month commitment, they allow you to easily cancel your membership any time you like – even after just one month. Of course, Dad might not like that!