How to Ash a Cigar

I have been told it is bad form to shake the ash of a cigar, why?

That is because the better the cigar has been made the longer the ash. However, it is not necessary to shake the cigars to make the ash fall prematurely, nor is there need to try to keep it as long as possible: too long, it obstructs the airflow and irregular combustion develops. I will admit that I have been guilty of this because it is fun to see how long you can keep the ash!

How do I know when I should put down a cigar? I read on the Internet that you should never smoke more than half.

When a cigar begins to let off too much heat and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth (generally during the last 2 inches), it is time to put it off. You don’t have to put off a cigar like a cigarette by crushing it on an ashtray: just let it stop burning by itself inside the ashtray. Do throw it away soon to avoid impregnating the room with the tenacious odor of cold tobacco.