How to Smoke a Cigar


To really appreciate your cigar, smoke slowly and not draw too frequently, which will heat it and spoil the taste. You should take about a puff a minute. To smoke a corona should take about one half hour, and the bigger cigars such as a Churchill or a Double Corona can take more than an hour.

Other than that, there are many times that are especially good for cigar smoking after meals being a particularly popular choice. There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a comfortable chair with a cigar and a nice stiff drink. A good rule of thumb is to always allow yourself at least an hour to properly appreciate the cigar. Some of the bigger cigars may require more time even than this.


You should not inhale the cigar smoke. The high alkalinity and poor amount of nicotine will make you cough and besides, you can enjoy a cigar’s flavor and body without inhaling.

Smoke Rings

The biggest factor in blowing good smoke rings is practice. With that in mind, Try this technique. First, you need a cigar with dense smoke, and a place with still air. Don’t waste your time trying to blow smoke rings in a breeze! Draw a thick puff of smoke into your mouth. Hold it there and open your mouth slowly. Make an “O” with your mouth, (maybe more of a rounded “oh”) – definitely not a pucker like a kiss. Curl the tip of your tongue down, and pull your tongue all the way back. Now, when blowing a ring, you’re actually not exhaling. You’re just pushing out the smoke in your mouth with your tongue in short bursts – like a piston, only in a relaxed way. It’s actually a really gentle motion. Push forward with your tongue, with perhaps a slight recoil at the bottom.

When to Put it Out

When a cigar begins to let off too much heat and leaves an aftertaste in your mouth (generally during the last 2 inches), it is time to put it off. You don’t have to put off a cigar like a cigarette by crushing it on an ashtray: just let it stop burning by itself inside the ashtray. Do throw it away soon to avoid impregnating the room with the tenacious odor of cold tobacco.